New Star Scoring System

This website has been a great success so far. In just over a month, I have already passed 120 clicks and people are coming to the site everyday. Thank you for your part in that success, and I’ll continue to bring you reviews as frequently as I can. There are some good movies coming out in December that I can’t wait to see and write about.

In an effort to clarify my reviews, I’ve decided to incorporate a new star-scoring system to the reviews. The system is pretty simple. Movies are scored between 0-5 stars, with half stars also awarded. For example, Silver Linings Playbook received 5 stars out of 5, while The Master scored 3.5 stars out of 5. This system will be added to all my past and future posts and should further show you the reader how much I liked (or didn’t like) a movie.

Thanks again,

Josh “Jbenny” Beneteau


One comment on “New Star Scoring System

  1. Great idea to add the star system, at first looking back through the reviews I was a bit starstruck, pun intended, by all the high ratings, then reflected on the fact that we’ve been graced with some brilliant movies this year, keep up the good work!

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